The Key To A Welbilt Home . . .

Preliminary Meeting At this meeting, we will both get a chance to meet each other and learn what your ultimate goal for your custom homes is.  At this meeting, you will convey what your dream home is, whether it is conceptual, a picture from a magazine, or you have a set of plans, we will begin to make your dream a reality.

Plans & Planning The whole process revolves around your plans, so it is important to have a detailed set of drawings that reflect your every desire.  Whether you have your own plans, or would like to work with us to design your  plans, they are the key to budgeting and building your

Budgeting Once the plans are complete, we can finalize the budgeting process. By this time, we should have a good idea of what the final house is going to be constructed of and can accurately budget the cost providing you with allowances for the items you will select.  It is your way of controlling the cost of the job.  Some people save some money here, others decide to upgrade items and put a little more into their homes.  The choice is yours!


Jeff & Tammy Lassere

custom home.  We have many plans to choose from that can be modified to suit your needs, or we can start from scratch to incorporate your ideas. One advantage of us drawing your plans is

that we can also start the budgeting process along the way.  Knowing what your budget is can be helpful when drawing your plans to help keep you at your desired budget and to give you the most for your money.